by Billie in the Woods

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The NOLA EP was recorded live in New Orleans, LA at Fudge Recording Studio.


released January 22, 2014

Produced by Emily Kate Boyd

Executive Producers & Angels: Paul Morris, Helme Calfee, Momo Merali & Claire Siepser

Engineered by Jack Miele at Fudge Recording Studio New Orleans, LA

Mixed by Dran Michael

Mastered by John Thomas Price

Artwork by Claire Siepser

All songs are published by ThreadGrass International (ASCAP) ℗ © 2014 ThreadGrass International. Made in the USA.



all rights reserved


Billie in the Woods Chattanooga, Tennessee

Billie in the Woods was a project by Emily Kate Boyd that featured Faye Petree and ChadMo Moore.

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Track Name: Dust and Delirium
If the stars are soon to fade away

Their faces, colors fade to gray

May they grin at the delight we make

Outta dust and delirium

Searching for a flickering light

That promises to leave one night

When no one will suspect her flight

The wisdom of the lightning bug

No one knows when she’ll be leaving

No one knows when she’ll return

All these angels are made for flying

Between the ocean and the sun

The life you have, it has to end

And everything will pass again

The stones you throw,

They hold your name

They’ve already been everything

Even dust and delirium
Track Name: SheBang!
I've come to see the alchemist
For a potion and her chocolates

“What do you want?”, she says to me
I want my sisters here with me

I turn it up the dark and dry
And chase her with a sweet goodbye

Delinquent men who pace the world
Feel inside the Warrior

Yes, I do believe in them
I feel a hero deep within

blow ur mind out
bang ur drum

Flying south and taking home
A hand drum and a carry-on

A bag of souvenirs for sale
The Wizards’ mysteries reveal

And the Tin Man he is here with me
Can you hear his shallow beat?

blow ur mind out
bang ur drum

She gives you ideas that will not leave your brain
She's got surprises that will test your sustain
Voo-doo drum, beat, bass - SheBang!

“We are not alone”, she says, “The waves speak of an Infinite.”

It’s sinkin’ in, it comes to me...
I am just a conduit

And the shaman she is here with me
Oh, can you taste her sweet relief?

Track Name: Pie in the Sky
A free wheelin' woman on a long road trip
told me my life was the shape of the days I live
and any sick or twisted little piece of it
was a product of my own design

In a yellow belly beetle with black fenders
I drew two lines and I took each curve
down the road less travelled and I observed
it was the moment she was hitchin’ a ride

Oh, in a world so divided
She carries a light and a free prize inside
she keeps the key to her heart
in a pie in the sky

Oh, things around the city got a bit intense
between the old elm tree and a barbwire fence
but in my defense it was never my intent
to let that kiss get so out of control
Track Name: Kitchen Conversation
Oh, your first move was so tender like a fiddlehead fern
Laugh girl, holding a smile
Drunk on a feeling and carelessly weaving
Your delicate story to mine

They say Love is an Art
Not a right or wrong answer
Fades at the side of routine
Oh so you conjured adventure
and we hung from the rafters
and tread lightly on each other dreams

Daddy's on the washtub,
Mama's on the bells
Aunitie's toy piano is
blowin' bubbles, raisin' hell
floatin' through the ceiling
in a juke joint kind of feelin'
that sweeps you and leads you along

They say Love is an Art
Not a right or wrong answer
Fades at the side of routine
Oh so you conjured adventure
and we hung from the rafters
and tread lightly on each other dreams
Track Name: Filha de Bruxa
If all you have to do is learn the chorus
And all I have to do is find your eyes
We're balancing two hearts above a furnace
And hoping for machines to satisfy

The daughter of a witch she took my cornbread
She took my keys, she took my cherry pie
and I would follow her unto New Orleans
Or play the cobbled street of Palestine

All for the moon
Filha de Bruxa

I hope I have you home in time for breakfast
I hope I have a cup of your coffee
I hope I carry you to Minnesota
And ride you down The Old Mississippi

Filha de Bruxa